Universal Yums — Family Fun Pack Tries Food From Israel!!

Universal Yums — Family Fun Pack Tries Food From Israel!!


Our kids had the awesome opportunity to try an entire box of treats and goodies from Israel, provided by Universal Yums. They send box of goodies from a different country each month! And let me tell you–if any of the other countries have things as good as what came in our Israel box, we are in for a real treat!!
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Universal Yums -- Family Fun Pack Tries Food From Israel!!
24 Hours With 5 Kids on Halloween


I think this was one of my most favorite Halloweens so far with our family! We had a happy, fun-filled day!!

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24 Hours With 5 Kids on Halloween


  1. Avital Corner

    I am Jewish and have all those treats but I live in the USA and I was in Israel 1 month ago for 3 weeks

  2. kaiden King

    Alyssa and the kids are doing well in your life and that is privileged information for your email

  3. Meep Meep31


  4. Azyah Dailey (Minecraft Girl)

    I love your channel and your kids they are so complete with manners and everything a mom would want a kid to have especially the twins !!!😂😂😂 I love your family so much I'm 12 years old and I love you channel I try to what he you before school in the morning

  5. Corvus

    Hey family fun pack I watched all your vids merry Christmas to you guys tell mickle I say hi I'm Aydan

  6. Ava Azzo

    Is the movie called "The nightmare before Christmas" or "nightmare before Christmas" because I haven't watched it in 2 years.

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