The Ultimate Trickshot Dunk!

The Ultimate Trickshot Dunk!


3 days prep, an entire day of filming and 137 attempts later… we give you.. The Ultimate Trickshot Dunk!
Huge thank you everyone who came in and spent all day trying to nail this!

In Order of Appearance:
Derrick Leong
Joshua Fu
Sean Fujiyoshi
William Shahan
Alan Lok
David Choi
Jin Lim
Theo Babajanian
Ardie Manuel
Demitri Blizzeard
Daina Benzon
Jay Domingo
Roberto Raad
Mary Erika Rance
Ashley Campbell
Ducky Lokes
Isiah Chan Jackson
Anthony Parilla
Manolo Manansala
Vicente Manansala

Special Thanks:
Giselle Manansala
Angelo Manansala

Filmed & Edited by Greg Saniatan

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The Ultimate Trickshot Dunk!


  1. GoldenSonicGamer123

    Actually you didn't do a trickshot it was a dunk cause you missed at the end also I'm not trying to be a hater!

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