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How I (almost) Died | MattG


  1. Zac Spain

    Matt first off you're great I've watched you for years, but please the beard must go you look like a confused lumber jack

  2. Owlsong Wiccan

    Hiya, random question. Have you ever considered doing another skit again, like the ones you used to make all the time? Or will it be all stand up from here on out? Don't think this means I don't enjoy your stand up, I do, I just loved your skits also.

  3. Valerie Sleepy

    I lived off of a dirt road when I was about 7 and my aunt and I (she's 6 years older than me) would go on the dirt road and draw in it. Well one day my uncle was "babysitting" me and I went outside and decided to go and draw in the sand on the road…… I almost got hit by a school bus taking children home…..

  4. chase lopez

    I almost died one time when I was in like 3rd grade. My friend and I were riding our bikes doing jumps off the little like gaps between the sidewalks and the road in front of a Taco Bell when a man in a black and red spray painted truck zooms by and attempts to run me down like I was the man who killed his family

  5. Rebecca J124

    not to long ago I almost fell out of a car.
    so I was leaning on the window and I had my hand to the door handle because I wanted to be ready to get out of the car when we got to my grandmas house. Then I started falling asleep and I knew I was falling asleep because you know when you can't control your damn neck to stay where it is and your arms. so I was falling asleep and my hand was falling and slowly opening the door so later the door was open and since I was leaning on it I was falling out! then my brother yanked my seat belt and pulled me in, I woke up slammed the door and yeah. then they all made fun of me for it for the rest on the weekend

  6. Actinium Lizard

    When I was 15-ish, I was walking down the street on the sidewalk with some friends and someone was coming up behind us on a bike, so to make room for them I stepped onto the street for a sec just as a giant 16 wheeler truck zooms by. It was so close to hitting me that it actually hit the zipper on my sweater (and broke it). If it weren't for my friend pulling me in at the last second, I'd either be dead or have no arm.

  7. LayneFlyerBAMF

    In kindergarten a girl pushed me in the bathroom and my head slammed against the wall. The last thing I remember before passing out was her laughing. I don't even know how long it was before the teacher noticed

  8. Isabel Wallace

    Once I fell from the top bunk on a bunk bed and it pretty much everything on the way down with my head

  9. Lissa The Fangirl

    one time when I was 7 I took off me seat belt because fuck the system. my mom slammed on breaks and I literally flew from the mid section of the van, to the front and my head slammed on the dash…. my uncle still calls me "radio eater"

  10. musicVamp527

    I almost drowned once because of a friend of mine. She had an inflatable chair in her pool that we had been told not to play with but we're doing it anyways. I was like 6 and couldn't swim, and my friend forgot this, and came up and flipped the chair from under me. Thank god for pool toys because I would have drowned otherwise. It was scary and I remember calling my mom and insisting to go home.

  11. phoebe hello

    Matt, I love you, and you are a very pretty man. But please get rid of the ferret you've been keeping on your face.

  12. CyanSpaceTurtle Z

    In 7th grade I tried to see how long I could hold my breath and, well, passed out on the couch for 5 hours. My mom thought I was tired and I woke up alone in the dark while they went to the mall. Every now and then I still don't know whether I made it or I'm just currently living in hell.

  13. ALLlifeisonMarz

    You talked about so many things in this video that I can relate to. David Bowie, hating the ocean, and early genius mind almost killing yourself.
    I almost died walking my dog when I was five. My mom had said," don't wrap the dog leash around your wrist. If the dog sees another dog she will take off and drag you with her." well I think we all know what happened….so I had scrapes all over my body. There was blood everywhere.

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