My New Tattoo Stories

Sawyer Hartman

Wanted to show you my new tattoos and tell you what they mean!
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My New Tattoo Stories


  1. TaraTheTiger

    I very glad that Sawyer is a Godly man! Everyone else should also be proud of him!

  2. Marshmellow 1312

    oh , and if your going to get more tattoos I would get symbolic ones like the one on your back and arm, mostly because when you 90 with grand kids and they ask what your tattoos mean i don't think you want to explain to them that you were drunk and got a tattoo of a flying squirrel on your shoulder xD No hate I love ya but im just saying xD

  3. Zombie Killerz Juegos

    When he took his shirt off I was like "Oh.. Umm… Ok… Are you single?"

  4. Corryn Patterson

    I love the typewriter font of your "I've been dreaming" tattoo. Makes me want a text tattoo in that font one day.

  5. Corryn Patterson

    I haven't watched a video from Sawyer in like a year and now… whAt hapPenEd to hiS quiFF ;-;

    It looks good now but I wasn't expecting that.

  6. Jan Smith

    There used to be a time when rebels had tattoos, now everyone and their brother has them….it's like the biggest form of conformity there is. "Hey, i'm going to go get all kinds of crap drawn on my skin because it's a fad this year." The real rebels are the people who don't follow bullshit trends like this.

  7. Teniika Wesley

    When I looked at the thumbnail for this video, I thought your tattoo said peas…

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