Goldfish Challenge — Family Fun Pack Style

Watch Baby Michael do this challenge: We did the goldfish challenge!! It was super fun trying so many flavors and different combinations of goldfish! We even got daddy to join in at the end–and stay tuned, because Michael did the challenge too!! Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to give us a THUMBS UP!
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Family Fun Pack consists of Alyssa (Age 9), David (Age 7), Zac & Chris (Age 5),and their baby brother Michael (Age 2)- all born within 39 months of each other.! Our motto is “Fun with the family, every day”– and we really stick to this!!



  1. JD Simpson

    cool! i LOVE goldfish! (please tell me alyssa is standing on something she looks pretty tall!)


  2. Jose Ruiz

    My favorite godfish is the same as alesa and i am so sorry that i didnt April your daugters name correct sms these is kimberly

  3. Jose Ruiz

    I really lo ve ever bodies chanles even tve challing vídeos and my
    name is kimberly cedillo

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