Ray William Johnson

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I figured it was about time to share my story with you guys. I didn’t set out to do a Draw My Life video, but I liked the idea of using a dry erase board to tell the story of how the studio got started. So it kind of ended up being like those vids from that old DML trend. Either way, this is a special one off vid – The Story of Ray William Johnson. Enjoy.

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Ray William Johnson (the story of): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygufbVxFvcw



  1. thinkingman

    So Kaja has been there since the beginning??!!! SMDH to all the haters who didn't like her….that's really a damn shame!

  2. Jimbo obies

    dude you are totally inspirational. very touching video. you've got a fan for life right here

  3. Abbigaille H.

    😄😄😄😄😄😄 I loved this and I've been waiting for you too do this and sorry about your dad :(

  4. Jeremiah Hofbauer

    Nice. This will be inspiring to someone I bet. now we get to know more about you. thanks man.

  5. JayZC

    Dude, You've been there making videos since i was 8. Im 14 and im a freshman now. Your videos have kinda been with my while i was growing up and changed me in general. You always manage to make me die laughing with your videos, thanks for being there for 6 years. <3

  6. Hunter Presnell

    if he's sold 2 shows to Netflix 1 to FX and has a successful comic book he must be making bank!

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