Sufficiently confused.
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Stephen Walking – Top of the World 2
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  1. Minecraft Captainsparklez Fist

    Look in the chat I am bloodskull gaming and I was with captainsparklez

  2. Lapiz

    The faces he made when he got destroyed were hilarious xD I wanna 1v1 him even more now .-.

  3. theartbook35

    A couple of weeks after 9/11, my father and I took a trip to Long Island to see some family. As we rode across the Throg's Neck Bridge, my father opened the windows and we could smell the rotten, burning flesh from where the twin towers used to be. I have yet to forget a smell like that, and I doubt I ever will.

  4. Bagamelonz

    I really miss your longer Survival Games videos, from a few years back 🙂 those were the best. Like the ones that went on for hourssss. :)

  5. AngelSilverKitty LED

    Is the new update, u have to enchant something, it's not gonna change, look at the wiki captain XD

  6. myinnersmurf

    I love how whenever he dies he looks around the room but there's no one there LOL

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