Quick crossword No 14115

WiPe – random_-9
Caspar Lee

Quick crossword No 14115
With a very unpleasant smell (7). 3. Random (9). 4. 17-syllable Japanese verse form (5). 5. Young hare (7). 6. Diatribe (6). 11. Fivefold (9). 13. Treadle (anag) (7). 14. Alternatively (7). 15. Not so old (7). 16. Blithe Spirit playwright (6). 18 …

DayZero: Squad Fight south of NWAF

WiPe random9

A squad fight me and Peter had a few days back, a lot of bad decisions were made in this fight which led to our doom.

DayZero: Squad Fight south of NWAF

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  1. superdogmeatmeat

    If you read the initial comment the 3rdp remark is only a fraction of a bigger comment containing several tips. I'll also call you whatever I like, your name when I first saw your channel was 'TheNightmareZee', although you're pretty special, unique.

  2. bUNNY 〈M〉

    Someones butthurt. If you abuse it why make a worthless comment about abusing it?

    And don't call me Zee, like you know me. lol.

  3. superdogmeatmeat

    I abuse it like everyone else when the option is there, I don't put myself at a disadvantage.

    You should take the cock out of your ass, Zee.

  4. fl4ppingf1sh

    Peter is doodoodunderhead, he needs to stop asking questions and just do what he thinks he needs to do. Ps I miss u man.

  5. Bumpaah

    I usually use teamspeak but peter refused to download it.

    I should probably bind my sprint to something else, thank you.

    I normally would use compass directions but neither of us had one

  6. superdogmeatmeat

    I've got a few tips for you:
    -Use something with push to talk, I'm guessing you're on skype. Go on a public TS server or soemthing
    -Bind sprint to something else than 2x w, w+s is a good bind
    -When pushing a treeline where someone is likely at, don't sprint (takes longer to raise your weapon) and use first person.
    -Use compass directions instead of "left" and "right"
    -Replace Peter, he's an idiot.

    Other than that you seem to be able to abuse 3rd person like any other dayz pro out there.

  7. Bumpaah

    I don't know if you could tell but I was getting very annoyed with the fact that all he could think about was getting that car. :p

  8. Bumpaah

    Yeah I had a fight with them about a week prior, except I actually won that fight haha.

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